The beginning of the end

I don’t feel like writing! I don’t feel like thinking, creating, or expressing myself.
Today, one of our ISEP group left for home. He’s probably hanging out at the terminal right now. Goodbye John! We went to the airport with him, and it was very strange because in a month and a half, we will all be leaving from that airport. I haven’t come to terms with that yet.
Two midterms and an oral quiz tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Quote of the day: “I’m going to the grocery store. Anyone down? I want something sweet. Not a wife.”  -John, who was repeatedly proposed to at the grocery store.


4 responses to “The beginning of the end

  1. I was also proposed to there. Well not really, it was proposed by one of the clerks by using vulgar hand signals that I have sexual relations with another of the workers.

  2. Do the locals propose to each other as vigorously? It seems odd that they aren’t all already taken.

    • Not that I’ve noticed, but it could so subtle it’s undetectable. Anyways, polygamy is no big deal. When one of our ISEP guys is traveling with several girls, people might ask him how he got so many wives at such a young age.

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