Pining for pineapple, another reason to just stay in Ghana forever

Today I bought a pineapple at Shoprite, a grocery store in the mall in Accra. It’s quite a novel idea, a grocery store, and I was excited about it because the pineapple wasn’t even more expensive than the ones at the market. All day I looked forward to the moment I would enjoy a few bites as a post-dinner snack, succulent and fresh. I cut it open, put down my knife, took a bite, and tasted… nothing.
This is very alarming. I guess the source of this pineapple is different from the ones I buy at the market. It might even be imported like the apples. But I’m worried because the blandness of this store-bought pineapple doesn’t bode well for my pineapple prospects back home. This is one of my favorite fruits, and what if being spoiled by fresh pineapple in Ghana has ruined it for me?
Here, when you buy a pineapple at the market, it’s always perfectly ripe. You cut the prickly skin off in long strips, and you can hold onto the outer side of the skin and nibble off the fruit stuck to the inside, not missing a single bite. It’s paler than the pineapple back home- saturated with sugar and juice. Then when you chop up the fruit into bite size pieces they’re just divinely sweet. They fall apart in your mouth, disintegrating upon impact with your tongue.
And now I’m scared that I won’t experience this heavenly fruit once I go home. Oh well, I guess this just means that I’ll have to gorge myself on pineapple while I’m here. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will all be pineapple. I’ll be eating it instead of going to class or sleeping.
But if I do that, how will I have time for MANGO? I’m doomed.


2 responses to “Pining for pineapple, another reason to just stay in Ghana forever

  1. Alanna. YAY! write every day, please.

    maybe you can give it another name and think of market pineapple in Ghana as a different fruit entirely. what’s the Twi word for pineapple? :)

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