Day trip to Ivory Coast, a chance to learn more French!

We would never have been able to find Ivory Coast without the help of this map.

A couple weekends ago we checked out Togo, to the east, and since we have multiple-entry visas, a few friends and I decided to see what Cote D’Ivoire is like. We figured it would be a good chance to practice our French and see firsthand what civil war is like, from the perspectives of outsiders. Also, what’s the point of being in Ghana if we don’t check out all the surrounding states? Burkina Faso is next!

Anyways, this morning we donned our sunscreen and filled our water bottles and set off for the western border of Ghana! It was a little difficult catching a trotro to Abidjan from Accra, but after about 45 minutes of waiting we found one that had room for our enormous group. The ride was pleasant since the highway was very smooth, and we spent the time practicing French phrases and listening to Hiplife on the radio. “If you look at me I will dance like a butterfly!”

Being in such a politically tumultuous area was surreal, and every expression I could use to describe the adrenaline rush would be an understatement. I think from now on I’ll just stick to pictures, which take up more bandwidth but paint a thousand times as many words.

There was so much really cool architecture there. It really opened my eyes.

It was so ironic and lucky that we got to see the IVC team, especially after seeing them play last weekend!

The view from where we had a lunch of crepes and avocados!

Anyways, it was overall a very informative and fictional trip.

This is what happens when you google "April Fool's Day".

I’d like to thank the miraculous wireless internet at ISH for making this post possible :)


One response to “Day trip to Ivory Coast, a chance to learn more French!

  1. You did get me! I was–calmly, of course–saying to the computer “But there’s a war going on!” “A war is happening there!” “You can’t go there!” And that is probably less strident than what your Dad was sayi.., er, screaming. But I am enjoying your blogs, immensely.
    Gp is home and so far following the regimen of walking to regain strength lost while 10 days in bed, nebulizer 4 times a day and handfuls of pills. And eating a lot to try to get above 132# on the scales! We are both happy to hear from you and know that you are o.k., and not in IVC. Love, Gram

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