A short dialog after class

Stranger sitting in front of me in class: What’s your beautiful name?

Me: What?

Stranger: I don’t know your beautiful name to go with your beautiful face.

Me: Have a good weekend.

Stranger: Ok I’ll look for you next week.

And I will deliberately avoid you.

I don’t know why this exchange bothered me so much. My friends and I get attention like this all the time, and people are always approaching us to say “you’re beautiful” or “I love you” or “hey sweetie.” But usually that happens off campus, when we’re at the market or hanging out somewhere in Accra. Most of the time, students are really nice and accepting of us foreigners. They’re used to us. And if they do have ulterior motives they’ll at least make an effort to befriend us first.

That’s one thing that’s difficult about being here. Every time I enter into a conversation with a nice guy, I’m just waiting for him to ask me for my phone number. That’s no way to approach social interaction!

The good thing is that I don’t get flustered anymore. Oh yeah, I’m one cool customer.


2 responses to “A short dialog after class

  1. I hate how powerfully it can sully interaction. Like… this exchange revealed moths in a formerly pure kitchen?

    • Haha the moths! Aaaaaah.
      It’s true, and so difficult because I don’t know whose responsibility it is to fix the problem and make the situation positive. Like, if someone’s not looking for friendship, what am I supposed to tell them? Besides go away?

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