Togo, the best travel experience of my life!

By the Ghana-Togo border

Togo is the place to go. Seriously. I am totally in support of any and all trips to Togo. Do you want to go there? Me too, anytime. Let’s do it.

Togo is a country just east of Ghana, stretched vertically so that it touches the ocean and reaches as far north as Ghana does with only 70km width to work with. So foreigners go there to get their visa stamp renewed and have an awesome experience in French-speaking West Africa. Order a baguette. Stroll along the beach.

To get there from Accra, just take a trotro from Madina market. Don’t worry, someone will be shouting “Border town! Border town!” so there’s no way you can miss it. The drive is only three hours! During our trip there last Sunday, we spent the drive mostly listening to very loud and energetic beats from a Ghana-Niger cd the driver played. When we were almost there, he switched cds- to a Celine Dion mix. Of course my friend Amanda and I sang along, and Amanda convinced the trotro driver to sing along to “How do I breathe, withooooooooooout you. How do I live, withooooooout you.” So that was awesome.

According to Wikitravel, “the border at Togo is an entertaining scene.” Yeah. I definitely felt an adrenaline rush the whole time, with everyone yelling at us obrunis and giving misleading directions. Someone even tried to get us into his taxi by saying that our friends were waiting for us. Luckily, Amanda and I make it a policy to not make friends, so we escaped that particular dangerous adventure :)

And as soon as the immigration officials on the Togo side saw our American passports, they yelled “Obama Obama Obama!.” I think Obama has a much higher approval rating here than at home.

After that, stuff got real. In Togo, you don’t just take a taxi, you take a moto-taxi. You wave down a biker dude and negotiate the price, in French, and then you hop on and speed through traffic. This alone is worth the trip, and I can’t wait to go back to do it again. What a rush! I really can’t emphasize enough how awesome it is.

My father would not approve.

So now I’m addicted to motorcycles :)


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  1. Let’s go to Togo!

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