The best part of the day- ish

Right now, it’s the end of the day. 9pm. We’re all back at the hostel (known as “ish” for International Student Hostel) and we’ve commenced the daily ritual of sitting in the breezy café downstairs and exchanging stories about funny and interesting things that happened to us over the past 24 hours. Evan saw a buzzard fly away, unruffled, after being run over twice. Adam’s Ecological Zones professor won’t be here next week, so he gave them an assignment to read an encyclopedia article and summarize it. Katie is miraculously healed of the food poisoning, enough to eat kenkey and rice! John fended off a suitor for his 14-year-old niece. So every day we have this time when we’re all learning from each other and growing and laughing til we cry. It’s so collaborative!

Besides these daily checkups and card games, we’re all kind of changing together. For one thing, we’re all a shade tanner than we were when we arrived! I myself am working on quite an impressive farmer’s tan- in February!

Ok I think it’s my turn for the block man game. Bis tomorrow!



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