The plan was to watch the game at the embassy, but they wouldn’t let us in. We have no connections! Even our authentic American accents didn’t help. So, we resorted to Plan B, a sports bar that’s about a twenty minute (crazy) taxi drive away.

At 10pm, the bar was packed with Americans and scattered with a few Ghanaians. Bizarre. Walking through the door made me feel like I was transported home, to a boisterous pub full of enthusiastic fans. It was also a little embarrassing.

Did you all see the photo/video montage that aired right before the game? Full of war imagery? As that finished, a lot of people started chanting “USA! USA! USA!” And I don’t think they would have done that if the bar was full of Ghanaians, so it made me wonder if they felt more comfortable expressing their patriotism since our culture was temporarily transported here. It seemed obnoxious and out of place. I think that chants like that are great in situations like the World Cup, where nations compete with each other. But during the Superbowl, where both teams are American? To me, it seemed like just an excuse to articulate the economic and military superiority of the United States, in a place that has been mistreated by American foreign policy in the past.

Other than a few rant-provoking times like that, the game was really fun. I got pineapple juice and a chocolate milkshake at the bar, and won a bet with a friend that the Packers would win. Scott, you owe me a fan-ice!

Delicious ice cream in a baggie! Best idea ever?


One response to “Touchdown!

  1. Good thing fan ice aren’t that expensive… Can we import them into the US? That and start up a beekeeping operation in Ghana. 13.50 cedi for a small bottle of honey. Such good prices!

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