Paranoia! What is it good for?

This little guy is not your friend.

Tonight, everyone is worried about getting sick. The rumors are flying- four exchange students got malaria, one had to go to Europe for complicated treatment. Spinal meningitis travels through the dust in the air and kills you within 24 hours. Cholera from eating contaminated pineapple can kill within minutes after showing symptoms. Bacterial infections are painful and persistent.

So far, a few of my friends here have gone to the hospital, some repeatedly, for treatment for intense stomach pain and other nasty symptoms. Bacterial infections are the order of the day, and the antibiotics and painkillers can put you on the sideline for days. Right now, we’re all just waiting our turn to go to the hospital or have bizarre symptoms. Who will it be tomorrow? The day after that? It seems random- no matter how careful you are, you can still get really sick.

The best thing to do is just not worry about it and do the best you can to stay healthy and careful, but that’s hard to do when people all around you are scrambling to get new vaccinations and talking about exactly how deadly everything is.

On the plus side, we’re all bonding over our frequent upset stomachs and digestive issues!

Quote of the day:

Alex: I heard John went back to the hospital today.                                                  Katie: Yeah, I saw him when I was there.


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